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Blumenbecker now official KUKA service partner in Ukraine

Quality service for KUKA robots

Since the beginning of the year 2015, TOV Blumenbecker has been KUKA’s official service partner for Ukraine. “Our agreement covers maintenance services for KUKA robots in the Ukraine as well as advice and training for customers there,” explains Dr Volodymyr Botvin, Project Manager at TOV Blumenbecker.

There are numerous robots made by KUKA in use in Ukraine. Until TOV Blumenbecker stepped in, however, there was no official sales partner and much of the required maintenance work was given to Russian firms. Because of the current political situation, this connection has been severed. “Many customers are in dire need of a certified and quality-conscious service partner,” Dr Botvin states. “The agreement between KUKA and us is meant to relieve this bottleneck.”

For now, the focus of the cooperation lies on installed KUKA KR C2 and KR C4 systems. “We are able to offer the entire suite of mechanical and electrical maintenance for them. If the need arises, we can call on technical support from KUKA,” says Dr Botvin. TOV Blumenbecker has even been equipped with a KUKA KR 16 robot for training purposes, along with a KR C4 control unit. They are used for training customers in operating skills and carrying out simple maintenance tasks.

For all intents and purposes, there is no system integrator in the Ukraine capable of offering one-stop robot solutions, from planning through to commissioning and maintenance,” Dr Botvin emphasises. “Thanks to the support provided by our Polish and Czech colleagues, for the first time we are able to provide such an offer in our country.”

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