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Should your business be steel-casting, machine building or pulp-and-paper industry, yoghurt or feeds production, brewery or non-alcoholic beverages production, petroleum products treating, power industries or water supply of cities - we can find solutions guaranteeing increase of profitability taking into account particularities of your manufacture. We offer flexible, expandable products which allow increasing reliability and efficiency of your business.

We develop Automatic Control Systems and software for the following industries:

  • machine building
  • motor car construction
  • robotics
  • foods and packaging
  • logistics and warehouses
  • sugar mills
  • vehicle tyres
  • plastic
  • mining
  • food industry
  • processing industries
  • cement industry
  • metallurgy
  • pulp-and-paper industry
  • woodworking industry
  • chemical industry
  • turbomachinery
  • Main areas of application
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